What is the Cost of Living in Tulum, Mexico?

Written By: Oskar Granly

What is the Cost of Living in Tulum, Mexico?

You can rent a room in town for $200 USD per month, and you can also rent a house on the beach for $24,000 USD per week !    

Average monthly rentals are from $500 to $2500.


Real estate prices vary a lot, you can buy a nice condo in town for $120-$150,000. A Villa from $180,000 to $350,000.

Modern Tulum style house in New Tulum ( the new residential area )  starting in the $250 ish - $450,000 USD.


Tulum has an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood fresh every single day. VERY CHEAP.

You can buy SEa Food - fresh Fruits  directly from the local  market for extremely cheap. $5 a pound for top-notch Fish of the day.

Cook at home and your food budget for the week will not exceed $100 bucks.


Lot’s of restaurants offering incredible meals, with cuisines ranging from Mexican,Italian, French, Maya, German, Austrian, Thai, Vietnamese, American food to  a lot of creative fusion and healthy fresh  options.


You can get “comida corrida” at a number of places for as little as $5 including drinks and Tips. Usually you will get a soup, main course (chicken-fish-meat w/rice) and dessert.  Lot’s of these little restaurants, this is where the locals put their little restaurants many times in a part of their own house.  

You have to pay CASH and have change, No credit cards accepted ever.


And also Tulum offers top of the line restaurants where your bill will run you easy $100 per person. One of my favorite is Hartwood that is located on the Jungel side of Tulum’s beach road. Pork ribs and beef ribs are the best, really unforgettable flavour and so tender that they melt before you chew them. The steak I have tried was also great.  Actually so far I loved every dish I have tried.


Variety of dining options is impressive for a small town and it lends a cosmopolitan air to the place.


Tulum has a very good infrastructure in place and very easy to get around.

Tulum Pueblo and Tulum playa, not close enough though to walk to and from. But a 5 min cab or rent a bicycle.... You will love it !